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Keeping the legs straight, slowly lower them to the floor Continue the movement by sitting up and clasping your legs with your hands to bend forwards. Slowly return to the original sitting position. abdominal tension relievers We tend to hold and lock up too much tension in our abdomen, especially if we are the kind of people who always bottle up our feelings. Even simple muscular tension can leave us feeling stiff and rather uncomfortable, and much less flexible around the waist. Consequently exercises aimed at reducing stiffness and increasing flexibility in the abdominal region are extremely useful. LOTUS


Sit with one leg bent so that the foot rests on the inner thigh of the other leg. Bend the second leg and place the foot on top of the opposite thigh. Keep the spine upright to avoid straining.

For the full lotus, the first leg should be bent with the foot on top of the other thigh, Short haircuts long face and the second leg bent so that the foot goes over the other leg on to the opposite thigh. Hold if possible.

Either sit cross-legged or kneel, and place your hands on your waist or thigbs. Breathe out completely.


Without inhaling, pull in your abdomen as far as you can, then “snap it in and out up to five times before taking a breath. Relax for a few moments, breathing freely, before repeating.

Lie on your back, with your legs out straight. Raise one leg as close to the vertical as is comfortable, then move it across the body, keeping your hips in contact with the floor

Push the leg as far over as possible, then slowly return to the original position. Repeat with the other leg.

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