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What you can do: Use a lightweight eye cream because a rich cream tends to leave behind residue. A light cream will give you just the right amount of moisture without messing up your make-up. If you want to avoid the smudged raccoon look, be sure to use waterproof or water-resistant eye make-up. Waterproof eye makeup is designed to withstand sweat, humidity and tears. You will want need to run to the loo, multiple times, but you won’t know how to in your elaborate, Very short haircuts men embellished dress. Your wedding is the time to look stunning and flawless in your spectacular wedding outfit. But no one sent the memo to your bladder? Your bodily functions will definitely not stop just because it’s your big day. What you can do: The easiest way to do your business is to scoop up your entire ghagra or sari and hold it like a bundle while you go. This could prove tricky if your dress weighs a ton. If you don’t suffer from a shy bladder, you can always ask your bestie to tag along. Women are constantly ridiculed of forming a congregation and going to the washroom together; well…now you have a legit reason. You will almost stain your wedding outfit multiple times. So you’ve got your make-up on and now it’s time to wear your dress.

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