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Techniques and Definitions

For many of the students who attend my classes, one of the biggest surprises comes from learning how easy it is to make body care preparations with herbs and other natural ingredients. No special equipment is needed beyond the tools found in most kitchens, and most of the techniques are easily mastered. With the exception of creams, which demand careful measurement and mixing, most preparations also leave ample leeway for trial-and-error experimentation and improvisation. Once you’ve tried the basic techniques described in this chapter a few times, you’ll probably begin to develop an intuitive feel for how to mix and transform separate ingredients into finished products. Because certain terms that appear here may be unfamiliar to those who are new to the herbal and natural skin care arena, I’ve also included a Short List of Definitions at the end of this chapter.

Labeling Your Creations

Be sure to label your creations with a name, the date of manufacture, Very short haircuts for men the list of ingredients and their proportions and directions for use. The date is important in terms of tracking the shelf life. Writing the recipe on the labels reminds you of exactly what went into a given formula and provides an accurate reference for making a new batch. It is especially important to label formulas that are refrigerated so that they are not mistaken for foodstuffs. Use permanent markers or cover the label with clear tape to prevent fading or obliteration of the information.

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