Short haircuts for pregnant women

I realize that the name Happy Nappy Styles  may be offensive, but please give the product a chance, it works wonders. Perhaps we could petition Blended Beauty to come up with a less offensive product name?

Step Seven: Split this section of hair into 2 and begin twisting tightly from the root downward.

Step Eight: Twist downward until you have half an inch of hair remaining.

Step Nine: Apply more curly pudding or a locking cream (to seal ends try one with more hold. My fave is AS I AM Twist Defining Cream) to the ends.

Step Ten: Twist the remaining hair downward and try to wrap and twirl the ends with your index finger to secure the twist.

Step Eleven: Continue to part and twist all of your hair.

Step Twelve: Air-dry or sit under a hooded dryer until twists are dry.

Step Thirteen: Protect your twists with a shower cap when bathing and with a silk scarf or cap at night.

A Fine Tip: If you want your twists to lie flat and downward I recommend sitting under the dryer. Or if you choose to air-dry, secure your twists with a silk scarf and coax them to dry in a downward position.

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