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Physical Exercises. Physical exercises increases the blood circulation to the entire body. Simple physical exercises such as walking can be followed by every person. At least half an hour walk 3 to 4 times a week gives best results. Fresh Air.

Walking or Exercising in open environment gives fresh air.

Fresh air improves body, skin’s, hair’s health.


Follow a regular timing right from wake up to bed time and meal time.


A healthy lifestyle is the foremost step in keeping fit overall not only for hair.

7-8 Hours sleep every day will keep you healthy.

Insufficient sleep increases the problems, whatever the problems arise either in body, mind, hair, skin etc.

Avoid smoking and alcohol as they aggravate the problems of hair loss.

Regular exercises increase the blood flow through the body and helps to stimulate the scalp.

Make sure the scalp is clean always.

Stay away from chemicals.

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