Short haircuts and styles for women

BRAIDED BEAUTY Braids are the go-to style. Taking care of your hair while donning them is vital. Wash and conditon hair weekly, base the scalp regularly and invest in a glossifying spritz as a refresher. TAMAR BRAXTON Are you after a LOW-MAINTENANCE YET GLAM style? Look to Tamar Braxton, Kerry Washington and Khanya Mkangisa for the CLASSIC UPDO. By Mbali Soga WWW.TRUELOVE.CO.ZA IMAGES Gallo Images/Getty Images; Instagram STILLS Supplied STOCKISTS Clicks (021 460 1911) Hair City (011 440 9365) BEAUTY TIP Match the ponytail extension to your hair’s texture and colour. A clever way to hide that you’re wearing an extension is to wrap a section of the hair from the pony around the base of the extension. And voila! Darling Ponytail Clip, R120 CELEB HAIR Outre Timeless Ponytail, R320 iytail Drawstring, R250 QUICK WAYS TO DO A PONYTAIL Start by relaxing hair to get it as sleek as possible. Apply a light holding gel to make hair more manageable. Use an elastic band to secure the ponytail on the crown of the head. Make sure the extension is perfectly prepped by combing and heat straightening it. Attach the extension securely to the pony with another elastic band, making sure that elastic bands are firmly in place. Give the ponytail a shake to test that it doesn’t move. Spritz lightly with a holding spray.

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