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Vata people are unusual because they tend to benefit much more than either of the other two doshas from having a massage. Consequently they should consider massaging their feet, hands and head every morning, and have a regular massage at least once a week. The massage should become a regular greatly appreciated part of your lifestyle.

Vata aromas are warm and sweet, and the most appropriate massage oil for the vata personality is gently warmed sesame oil. Short haircuts for teenage girls round faces Bottles of sesame oil are widely available, and are generally of a high, well-perfumed standard. If that is impossible to obtain, any other oil (preferably virgin olive) will suffice. It can be perfumed by the addition of your favourite herb. Oil is good for vata types, and if your vata is seriously out of balance, increase the number of massages you have a week from one to as many as three. You will soon notice the enormous improvement

When using essential oils, note they must be diluted. Do not put them directly on your skin or take them internally. In fact it is not advisable to use the same essential oil for more than two weeks; interchange your essential oils so that you do not create a toxic build-up, or overload of one fragrance. If you are pregnant or have a diagnosed medical condition, do not use any essential

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