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It is preferable to lie down on a hard, carpeted surface or alternatively on a rug on the floor Avoid beds as they will not offer you adequate support The number of books you need will depend on their thickness, and will also vary from person to person.

To lie down on the floor place the books far enough behind you to give enough space for the whole of your torso and your bottom. Short haircuts thick curly hair When sitting, you can place your hands palms down on

Correspondingly, if you do not have enough books your head will tilt back and we not be properly supported.

The floor behind you to help you lower your backTake care not to stiffen the arms or to hold your breath in the process.To get up, it is preferable to roll over to one side, leading with your eyes rather than your head, and following with your torso and legs.Then place the free hand flat on the floor and go on to all fours. Be careful to maintain the alignment between your head, your neck and your back and not to hold your breath. Walk your hands back so that you move your bottom back towards your heels.

Make sure that your legs are about hip-width apart and that If your knees are falling out, you will probably lose the contact your knees are directed towards the ceiling. between the inner side of your foot and the floor

Correct posture is as much about what is sitting and standing right as what is wrong. It is vital that you know what to do, and what not to do. It is easy to start out with correct posture, but fall into bad habits. You must know when to correct yourself. Remember to keep a straight alignment between head, neck and back, and to keep your legs hip-width apart with knees pointing forward, in the same direction as your feet. SITTING

Correct: think of the shoulders going Incorrect: rounded shoulders and feet Incorrect arching the back, folding legs away from each other wrapped around chair legs. and leaning to one side.

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