Short haircuts for thin hair 2017

The Big Chop

For an easy transition I chose to use the roller set and straw set. I loved the curly ringlet looks that they created and I was able to successfully mask my new growth. I kept up this routine for two months, but the time spent on rolling and sitting under the dryer, trying to achieve looks to mask my kinks was exhausting. During a bout of insomnia I went into the bathroom and took a long, hard look at myself in the mirror. I asked myself why I was holding onto to my fried, chemical ends? Why was I so concerned about losing my precious length? My answers uncovered deep hidden insecurities about my new kinky growth. If I had these insecurities how could I possibly learn to love my natural hair? I took a deep breath and decided it was time for the BIG CHOP.

The BIG CHOP – Forgoing the transitioning process all together and cutting off your chemical ends down to your new growth.

I took out my barber scissors and started to cut (Never, ever use ordinary household scissors to trim or cut your hair because it can cause damage and split, frayed ends!). The first few snips were agonizing and I suffered through waves of anxiety. Afer about 15 minutes the bathroom sink was filled with straight hair and I was left with about an inch of naturally coiled hair. Some naturals would describe this process as being liberating, almost euphoric, however I felt anything but. With a knotted stomach I cried out, Holy Shit, What have I done! Afer 30 minutes of combing out and trimming any stray ends, I looked at myself from many different angles scrutinizing my head shape. I stared at my new self with this TWA – Teeny Weeny Afro. Who is this woman? I sure as hell did not feel like Roshumba or Tomoko Fraser in that moment.

In the end I do not regret opting for the Big Chop. The Big Chop is the best way to transition’ so to speak. It dramatically reveals your true, exposed self in its rawest form Such an experience is vital to prepare you for the long journey ahead. Instead of a date with insomnia and barber scissors, I recommend going to a barber to do your Big Chop; you’ll achieve a nice shape and clean lines around the edges. Or if you opt for the raw -commando style like I did and do it yourself, make sure to have a barber-razor kit and a skillful friend nearby who can help you shape up your TWA. Thankfully my husband helped me get rid of any stray ends that I had missed and tightened up my fro in the morning.

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