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Hair Oils

Thuja (Thuja occidentalis) oil is a strong antiseptic, Short haircuts for wavy hair women over antiviral oil. Add it to cleansing creams, foot products and preparations for acne and infected skin. Thuja oil should be added to products in small doses, as the oil can be irritating to the skin. It is also useful in muscle-relaxing preparations. Thuja oil can be applied directly to warts to remove them.

White Pine (Pinus strobus) oil is a strong disinfectant with a very medicinal smell that is not always appealing. Yet its cleansing and muscle-relaxant properties make it a valuable addition to certain formulas. It has a strong odor intensity, so use it sparingly. White pine oil can be combined with other oils to create a pleasing fragrance blend.

Wintergreen (Gaultheria procumbens) oil is used as an analgesic in balms and oils for sore muscles and bones. It has a cool, refreshing aroma, and can be added to creams, baths, lip balms, facial astringents and body powders.

Ylang-Ylang (Canangium odoratum) oil has a high, sweet, exotic, floral scent traditionally used in aphrodisiac and euphoric aromatherapy blends. Ylang-ylang’s appealing aroma can be added to creams, body oils, baths, deodorants, perfumes and body powders. It has moderate antiseptic properties, and can be used for oily-skin problems. It has a strong odor and should be used sparingly so as not to be overpowering or to dominate other oils.

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