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Turn your waist to the right. Your ai follow your waist, dropping down parallel, and your right foot is placed facing the right corner

As your waist turns to the right, shift the weight into your right leg and circle your arms round to the right As your waist turns back to the left, raise your arms and circle round with the waist. Form loose fists. Bring the right hand up to the right of your forehead, knuckles facing the right eyebrow.The left hand is at shoulder height

Sink your weight into your left leg and pick up your right foot, placing the toes by your left heel. Short haircuts for women with fine hair over Open the left fist as your arms move across your body following the waist movement.

Both hands and your right foot simultaneously arc in towards the centre line, as your waist turns to the right.The right foot lands empty”, completely in line with the left instep.

From crossing the hands, turn both palms down to face the ground as your body now rises up.

Continue to turn your waist, bringing the right fist palm upwards to rest on your right hip and shifting your weight to the right foot. Step through at shoulder width with your left foot. Shift 70% of your weight to the left and bring your right fist forward to punch in a corkscrew. Your left arm comes across your body

Bring all your weight into your left leg, turn your waist to the right and pivot on your left heel, turning the foot out to an angle of 45°.

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