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If you want to re-create salon-styled hair, you will need a dryer with a nozzle to diffuse the heat. Short haircuts for women over with glasses Hold the dryer as far as possible away from the hair and keep it moving around to minimize damage to the hair shafts.

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The unfortunate stigma around ‘resorting’ to medication means that many people resist taking it, but this time around I couldn not use exercise as I had before. After three months on medication, I could feel a big change in my view of the world. I knew that I wanted to keep growing my coping techniques and hopefully one day wean myself off the meds, so I knew another significant step for me would be to address my drinking. I was leaning on alcohol as a crutch and wasn not practising any moderation at all plus the hangovers I experienced contributed hugely to my depression. I needed to have a break to gain control of my mental and emotional well-being. So as part of my recovery, after receiving an email from the founder Claire Robbie, I signed up to the No Beers Who Cares challenge to give up alcohol for twelve months. I found myself staying home a lot in the first two months it was the easiest way for me to avoid alcohol. I did notice that abstaining from alcohol increased my sugar cravings, so dessert started featuring a lot in my diet. I definitely didn not experience any weight loss by giving up drinking! But it felt great to be more in control of my life and my moods. Early in 2017, something quite unsettling happened.

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