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The revolutionary cushion compacts; also known as the upgraded version of your regular compacts, the cushion compacts are basically RR or CC cream (with more perks). The thin and light formula boasts all theskin perfecting benefits of a BB cream, but with a lighter than-air finish. These cushion compacts now come in forms of blushers, concealers and highlighters.

Sleeping packs are masks that you can leave on overnight. It is a cream or gel mask that does miracles for the skin as it is filled with anti aging ingredients. It hydrates and moisturises theskin overnight, leaving you with glowingskin when you awake.

First made popular in Japan, it is now commonly used in Korea and Europe. The Carbonated Face Bath or Sparkling Water is a powdeiy concoction that fizzes up into a bubbly, skin purifying facial pack that you submerge your face into for 3 to 5 minutes. This vitamin-infused solution produces carbon dioxide bubble effervescence on your skin and acts as micro brushes that deeply cleanses the pores, removes dead skin cells and helps to reduce puffiness while firmi ng the skin. It also delivers oxygen deep inside theskin barriers to increase circulation for an overall brighter skin tone and smooth, even complexion. The bubbles are also refreshing as they gently brush across your face.

Cleansing balms ate the new oils (in solid form). It is an oil based cleanser that remains solid at room temperature and melts when warmed info the hands. It is then massaged onto the skin, and removed with a warm, dam)) cloth. The balm removes all traces of makeup and leaves the skin feeling wonderfully smooth, plumped and hydrated. The thick formula is designed to penetrate into the skin, drawing out impurities and cleaning away even the heaviest cosmetics. Most commonly formulated with ablend of essential oil sin wax base, these cleansing balms have been makingits rounds in the Asian beauty routines.

Like the soften’ filter on Instagram that blurs the imperfections on your pictures, there is now a cream for making you look flawless in person too. Made with light reflecting particles (think shimmer, but more subtle and scientifically formulated) that trick the eye. it delivers an even glow. The blur cream aims to hide lines, pores and pigmentation in a matter of seconds. Not only does it trick you into having flawless skin, it also gives you wrinkle-free skin in the long ran thanks to its skin loving ingredients. Looks like the blur cream is the closest you can get to a permanent Instagram filter for your face.

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