Short Hairstyles For African American

Short hair in its natural state is not so likely to tangle and knot when healthy and can withstand some combing. Do not be tempted to ignore your hair because you keep it short. Even with short hair it is important to learn to maintain your hair in its best condition if you want it to look good every day.

If you wear your Afro open every day it may be a good idea to cut or trim and shape your hair quite often and regularly remove the driest, and likely, the most damaged ends of your hair. This will keep the knotting at bay and help you to keep your hair in general good condition if the rest of your hair care routine is followed.

Short Hairstyles For African American Photo Gallery

Wherever and whenever you find knots cut them off otherwise they will cause breakage a short while later when you try to comb or style your hair. Remember a knot is the most likely point of tearing and breakage. You can even hear the hair tear and feel the stress on your scalp when you try to pull through a knot.

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