Short Hairstyles For Black Hair

Once hair is clean you want to return it as close as possible to the state it was in before. To do that you must – a) … moisturize and nourish, b) … smoothen the cuticle by very slightly acidifying the environment, finally c) . seal with a coating of oil, preferably using oils with high triglyceride content which show some moisture loving characteristics.

NEVER use hot water to wash your hair; this just makes the hair more porous by opening the outer cuticle layer even more which we know works against the hair. Water should be as cool or cold as you can handle.

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Washing hair with hard water or salty water from the sea will cause it to dry out due to the high levels of minerals in the water. Minerals pull water to themselves.

Concentrate on washing hair closest to the scalp with the tips of your fingers using small circular motions – the action of rinsing will remove dirt and grime from the outer extremes of the hair. Minimize the contact with soap for the tips of the hair which are the driest and most damaged parts of hair.

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