Short Hairstyles For Black Ladies

It is important to choose hairstyles that will leave our hair alone as much as possible. The less we do with Afro hair the stronger and healthier it grows. Wearing hair in neat braided lines, twists or free braids or in dreadlocks is not a modern trend – it is deeply rooted in African knowledge and tradition.

Take time to understand the threats to natural Afro hair. Get a complete sense of what it takes to look after Afro hair so it grows.

Short Hairstyles For Black Ladies Photo Gallery

If you can stop your natural hair from getting knotty and breaking it will grow – it’s that simple.

Everything else we do to our hair and discuss in this blog will help to stop the breakage but the one key message about growing Afro hair that you should respect is that natural Afro hair is easily stressed and breaks easily so avoid doing anything to make it go that way.

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