Short Length Black Hairstyles

This will also enable us to let you know about up-coming Afro hairstyle projects as they come online.

Introduction – It’s not about the hair care products (although they help)

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Just a casual glance through this blog will suggest that modern methods of caring for natural Afro hair have yet to catch up with what traditional ethnic communities already knew. Today the hair care industry tells us it is all about the products we use on our head. Soaps, shampoos, conditioners, porosity control products, dozens of combs, brushes, and other tools – many of these products are out of reach for millions of Afro women. Yet there are women in many corners of the world – and they have always been there – who have beautiful hair but do not use any of these products.

This is a little blog that tries to differentiate between what’s important and what is cosmetic or less important. You could easily read it in a couple of days. We recommend that you do read through at least once. More if you like.

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