Short Length Hairstyles For Black Hair

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The overall drive of the blog, however, is to get you to reconnect with the simple ancestral wisdom about natural Afro hair and in the process, change your hair care habits to suit your Afro hair needs. Developing a healthy hair care routine that supports the growth of a fabulous head of natural Afro hair will take time effort and some practice. So, it will take longer than the time it takes to read this blog. If you want to switch to habits that will give you beautiful healthy hair this is how we recommend you do it.

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This blog captures many concepts in different chapters. Pick one concept at a time. Understand and master the idea. Then go out and try the suggested tips and tricks that will bring benefit to your hair -find the best way to introduce the concept to your lifestyle. Build these into your hair care routine before moving onto the next concept.

If you use this approach you will find that you have put in place a new healthy hair care regime by the time you complete this blog and in just a matter of weeks you will never need to re-read these words again because they will have become part of your routine by the time you close this blog.

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