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Imagine that you are visiting a beautiful country house a really beautiful old country house or a stately home with magnificent sweeping lawns on a warm, sunny, summers afternoon. You are standing on the staircase that leads into the entrance hall, one of those wide ceremonial types of staircase. And as you look down across the entrance hall you can just glimpse, through the open doors opposite, a gravel drive, and the sunlight on the gravel. It is a beautiful, sunny, summer’s afternoon and there is no one around to trouble or bother you as you stand alone on that staircase

Now you are moving down the last ten steps to the hallway, Short little girl haircut relaxing more and more with each step down.

Taking one step down, relaxing and letting go

Taking another step down, feeling at ease

Becoming more relaxed, letting go even more

Just drifting deeper and deeper everything is getting darker and darker and even deeper down still

Becoming calmer and calmer even calmer still

Continuing to relax, continuing to let go and feeling good

Relaxing even more letting go even more

Sinking deeper drifting even further into this welcoming, relaxed state

Enjoying those good feelings, all those feelings of inner peace and relaxation

Nearly all the way down now, feeling very good beautifully relaxed and 0

You are wandering across that hallway now, towards the open doors and the gardens beyond, soaking up the atmosphere of peace and permanence in that lovely old building. You wander out through the doors and down the stone steps outside and find yourself standing on the gravel drive outside, a wide gravel drive that leads down to the entrance gates.

As you stand there you notice the lush green lawns, so flat and well-clipped and there are shrubs and trees, different shades of green and brown against a clear blue sky and you can feel the warmth of the sun on your head and shoulders as you enjoy this beautiful summer’s afternoon in this lovely old garden There are flowerbeds with their splashes of colour so carefully arranged and neatly tended. And there’s no one else about nobody needing anything, nobody wanting anything and nobody expecting anything from you, so you can enjoy the peace and serenity and solitude of this afternoon in this beautiful garden that’s been so well looked after for so many, many years.

A little way down on the right-hand side of the driveway, you notice an ornamental fish pond. So you decide to wander down and havea lok at those fish. Sometimes they seem almost to disappear behind the weed and shadows, but always they reappear, with their scales catching the sunlight, red. gold, silver or black. And as you watch those fish your mind becomes even more deeply relaxed

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