Short to medium haircuts for fine hair


(Citrus limon)

Possibly the most cleansing and antiseptic of the citrus oils, useful for boosting the immune system and in skin care. Short to medium haircuts for fine hair It is also very good at helping to refresh and clarify the thinking process.


(Rosa x damascena, centifolia)

Rose is probably the most famous of all oils. There is probably more symbolism attached to roses than any other flower. Several kinds have been used to extract the oil, notably the Damask Rose and the Cabbage Rose. Each one is slightly different, but the overall actions are sedating, calming and anti-inflammatory. Not surprisingly, Rose oil has a wide reputation as an aphrodisiac, and where anxiety is a factor it may be very beneficial. Use in the bath for a sensual, unwinding experience, or add to a base massage oil to soothe muscular and nervous tension.


(Citrus x paradisi)

Oil of Grapefruit is very helpful in the digestion of fatty foods and helps to combat cellulite and congested pores. It has an uplifting effect and will soothe headaches and nervous exhaustion.

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