Short medium length layered haircuts

Sunny Sojourn If you’re heading for a sun-soaked honeymoon on a tropical island, chances are you’ll be living in your bathing suit. You probably have this vision of being one with the ocean, with your sun-kissed skin as you rock those waves? A little difficult when your skin is sun burnt and your hair is frizzy. Must-have beauty essentials: The most important thing you need to avoid sun damage is a sunscreen lotion with an SPF higher than 15. Generously apply everywhere, especially in neglected areas like the ears, nose, eyelids, neck, and top of the feet. Sunscreens wear off easily, so you have to keep reapplying every hour. Apply heaps of aloe vera gel if you have sensitive skinit has a cooling effect. Saline water adversely affects the hair, causing it to become coarse, Short medium length layered haircuts dry and frizzy. Double up on the conditioner and moisturize with shea butter or coconut oil.Also, never comb immediately after getting out of the water. Condition first and then comb with a detangler to avoid breakage.

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