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Essential oils for pitta include honeysuckle, jasmine, sandalwood and vetiverThey must be diluted and should never be taken internally. Short wispy haircuts Avoid a toxic build-up by interchanging the oils every two weeks. If you are pregnant or have a diagnosed medical condition, you must consult a qualified practitioner before attempting to use essential oils.

If possible go to an experienced masseur They understand exactly how a massage should be given. In time you will pick up the basics and may be able to start giving others a gentle massage.The key to success is to take your time, and make sure that your partner is fully relaxed.There is no point in attempting a soft massage when they are in an agitated state, and are incapable of lying still for a couple of minutes, let alone 20. When applying the essential oils, it is important that you work with firm, consistent hand movements, totally avoiding any sudden changes of direction.Think of your hands as waves, sweeping in one long curving movement over a smooth beach.That said, do not go to the opposite extreme and be so frightened of touching or hurting the skin that you barely make any contact. The right degree of pressure is about the same as for a firm hain/vash.

After the massage, do not expect to get up and rush out. That would immediately undermine all the good work. Instead, take your time, possibly even have a cat-nap, and only step back into everyday life when you are feeling absolutely ready.That way you will feel refreshed, calm and clear-headed. It also helps if you have a massage on a day that you know will be stress-free.

Pitta Massage

I Start the massage in the middle of the back.

3 Be gentle on any areas of stiffness or soreness.

2 Use continuous, relaxing, deep, varied movements.

4 Continue with sweeping, slow movements.

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