Should all my food be organic pregnancy?

Should all my food be organic pregnancy?

Organic food is expensive and it is difficult to afford to eat exclusively organic. I always tell clients that the most important thing is to buy fresh. So, rather than doing one big weekly supermarket shop try to shop every couple of days to ensure freshness. If you are in a position to buy some organic food, the best products to choose are meat and dairy. Eat a wide variety of foods, particularly different coloured fruit and vegetables, rather than limit yourself to only one or two organic products. Make sure you always wash your fruit and vegetables thoroughly.

What are the effects of poor digestion on health and fertility pregnancy?

I really believe that fertility and hormonal balance are influenced by the digestive system. Bad digestion leads to poor absorption of essential nutrients, as well as tiredness and lack of energy. Your immune system can become depleted as a result, and this can make you more prone to infections and illnesses. Indeed, there is an increased risk of developing a food intolerance or allergy when the immune system is weakened, and if you are already intolerant or allergic to a particular food you may react more strongly to it. Moreover, poor diet can affect your hormonal secretion and therefore your chances of conceiving.

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