Should I cut out sugary foods pregnancy?

Should I cut out sugary foods pregnancy?

In order to break the cycle of dependence on sugary or high-energy foods, such as cake, pastry or chocolate, it is important to cut out – at least for a two-week period – all refined and simple sugars and to substitute them with complex carbohydrates (see below) and low GI foods (see facing page). At first, you may feel light-headed or dizzy, and you may get headaches, but persevere.

Make sure you eat three proper meals a day (never skip breakfast), and have some low GI snacks for mid-morning and mid-afternoon to help you to keep your blood sugar levels balanced. By the end of this time you will realize that some parts of your diet may not even have had to change much, simply substituting, for example, brown rice or wholegrain bread for white rice or white bread, and this will make it easier to make these alterations permanent. You will also notice that supposedly high-energy, high-sugar snacks were responsible for some big energy lows as well, and that you are now able to keep going for longer by switching to eating complex carbohydrates.

Only once you have rebalanced your blood sugar levels can you occasionally reintroduce some simple carbohydrates into your diet. But as the idea is to re-educate your palate, there is no point in slipping back into previous bad habits.

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