Should Men Use Anti-Aging Creams Do Anti Aging Creams Stop Wrinkles Why Men Should Use

Hi. I’m Carl Centeno. I’m the founder of this style blog. Today, gentlemen I’m going to be answering the question, should men use anti-aging cream? And, before I get into this, guys I would love to hear from you, what’s your gut reaction? What do you think? Let me know in the comments of the post. And, yeah, give me some feedback and let me hear it because I’m going to give you five factors five things that you should be thinking about as you’re making this decision, three natural ways to actually improve your skin quality.

Should Men Use Anti-Aging Creams Do Anti Aging Creams Stop Wrinkles Why Men Should Use Photo Gallery

And then, I’m going to get into the details, what you should be looking for if you’re going to go out there and purchase an anti-aging cream. At the end of this, I’m also going to refer you over to my article. Why? We have a list and I will actually recommend a few anti-aging creams that I have tried that I have been using for over the last year, so that you guys can make a smart purchasing decision. So, really quick here are the five things that I think effect a man’s decision and the answer is, you know, it depends on your situation. There isn’t a right or wrong answer here because first off, it depends on your profession. And, I think this is important because if you’re in sales, if you are the face literally of your company, of your profession, of your business, it’s important that you have that you put on a great face. I mean think about it, actors, that’s a great profession in which how they look matters a lot, whether they’re going to get the part, whether or not they have sustaining power in the industry. If you are in sales, you better believe that if you have a pleasant appearance, if you’re – I talk about style, but how your face looks is going to have an effect on how much you sell. You guys that are out there and you’re in your 50’s, you’re in your 60’s, you’re in your 40’s, you know that, hey, you know, people treat me a little bit different now that I’ve aged a bit. Sometimes, it is an advantage, other times if it starts to become something like you really have bad skin, that you need to pay attention. And that’s factor number two, exposure and the condition of your skin. Some of you guys you have blue-collar jobs you’re out there and you are working in the sun.

My grandfather, he dug ditches for his entire life. My father did a lot of – he, you know, he was out there picking strawberries when he was a kid and growing up. They were exposed a lot to the sun, it’s something I’ve had jobs like that, but nowadays I’m, you know, spend in the office, so I really don’t have that, but many of you guys out there you have really rough skin because you’ve exposed it to a lot of sun and it simply is in rougher condition. So, in that case, actually using an anti-aging cream may actually help your skin. Point number three, genetics. Some of us are just simply going to age faster, so that’s something to pay attention to. Number four is your personal situation. So, I’m happily married, four kids, and I’m really, you know, I have to say I dress for myself, I dress for my family, but many of you guys out there, you’re maybe in your 40’s, your 50’s, you’re maybe recently divorced, or you’re still single, and you’re going out there and you’re just simply trying to put your best foot forward. I can tell you an anti-aging cream is probably something you’re going to want to look at. And, point number five is simply what do you want. There are some men out there that just simply want to look good and they want to look good into their 60’s, their 70’s, into their 80’s. I think it was, you know, it kind of reminds me – have you ever listen to David Allan Coe? He is – I used to listen a lot to him when I was younger.

And, he talked about, I think in one of his – basically he said when he die he wanted his funeral to be a closed casket because he wanted to look dead. Some of you guys out there, you simply you want to look great until the day that you die and if that is you, then probably an anti-aging cream is something in your future. So, guys based off those five factors, you want to make a decision that is right for you. Now, there are three things that you can do to instantly – well, not instantly, but overtime improve. One, quit smoking. Number two, drink more water. And number three, protect yourself from the sun. That’s not going to require any anti-aging cream. If you do those three things, you are going to help your skin last longer. However, all of that being said, anti-aging creams do serve a purpose, so if you find that you are and you want this, one of the things that happens to our skin is collagen, I believe that – I believe I said that right. And, basically there are twenty eight types of this structural protein. And so, collagen basically it helps with skin elasticity, in our teens in our twenties, we’ve got plenty of it.

But, something happens in our 30’s and our 40’s, our bodies start to produce less of it especially in the skin. Now, vitamin C has been shown to actually increase the production of collagen, however if you intake it, it’s a very, very small amount that actually gets to the skin cells. So, it’s been shown in numerous studies that if you actually apply Vitamin C and various other things I’m going to talk about here in a second, you can see basically more of it of tone in the skin. Why this matters? Okay. As you get older and older, basically your skin starts to lose tone and that’s why we start to see wrinkles around the body. And, there is some truth in how you smile and some of the expressions if you use your facial expressions a lot, you’re going to get a bit more wrinkles. But to an effect, you can start to combat these things. Now, you’re going to hear two words; lotions and you’re going to hear creams. I like creams a bit more than lotions. Lotions are going to be a little bit more liquidly, creams are usually going to be more solid they’re going to have a higher make up of oils and some of the other things. Creams are also usually going to be more expensive. The easiest way, lotions are going to flow if you turn them up, creams you could hold them upside down and they’re not going fall out of the container.

In the article, I go into a lot more detail and I’m going to link up that article down below in the comments, but let me give you a quick overview. So, if you’re looking at the back of a container for an anti-aging cream, you want to make sure you know what to look at, okay, doesn’t have a Vitamin C. That right there is probably the number one ingredient you’re going to see across the board. The next is going to be hydroxy acids. Hydroxy acids are kind of expoliators, so when you apply this on the skin, it’s actually removing that top layer and it’s going to allow for penetration of other items that you’re going to be, you know, that are going to be in the ingredients, so retinol, Vitamin A, these has been shown as well. Basically, to be able to tone up the skin especially on the face and in hands, always see Coenzyme Q10. Again, I go into a lot more detail over in the article, but this is also been shown to have an effect. We’ve got grape seed extracts and tea extracts. Finally, B3 vitamins you’re to see as well. Those are oftentimes used because they’re going to help retain fluid. Like I said, stopping smoking, drinking more water 8 glasses a day, and protecting yourself from the sun are natural ways to improve your skin or to actually keep it in the best light. But, not all of us will be able to do that, some of us in our 30’s, 40’s, 50’s, 60’s, 70’s are wanting to have better skin.

So, hopefully you’re able to use this information. Go over to the article, I’m going to actually recommend a number of companies that you can check out. I’m going to try to have some discounts over there for you, so if you decide to use them they will actually, you know, be a good deal for you and best of luck. And, I would love to hear from you guys in the comments down below what you think of anti-aging creams for men. Take care. See you in the next post.

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