Should we plan what we do together pregnancy?

Should we plan what we do together pregnancy?

Spend time drawing up a list of which areas or activities you do together that you enjoy. Add to the list any activities, however unlikely, that you would like to do with vour partner. Each of you should make your own list, then compare results at the end. There are likely to be a few surprises. Whether these are good or bad, try to be honest with each other without being hurtful, and you will find out a great deal about your partner’s likes and dislikes.

The long-term health of your relationship depends on you communicating as well as possible, and this includes talking about your everyday lives and how you spend time together. This will avoid resentment and boredom settling in, which is invariably a passion-killer between two people, and leads to bad or non-existent sex: not good if you are trying to make a baby!

Does it matter that we find it really hard to fit in holidays pregnancy?

I am always surprised by the number of clients I see who do not seem able to take all their annual holiday entitlement. I tell them that, even if they do not go anywhere during their time off, they must at least make sure that they take all the days’ leave they can in any given year. Having a mental and physical break from office routine, if only for a couple of days, does wonders for people’s mood and energy levels. I also advise them that, once they get back from one holiday, they should try to book ahead for their next break, so that they always have something to look forward to, and they know when they will next be leaving their desk for a while.

Are people more fertile on holiday pregnancy?

I have lost count of the number of couples I have heard about or treated because they were having problems getting pregnant and who returned from holiday, only to discover that they were expecting a baby. It will always be difficult to prove by scientific means that holidays can be a fertile time for couples, but the fact remains that anecdotal evidence does indicate this to be the case. I have no doubt that there is a strong mind-body link whereby couples are relaxed without everyday pressures, and are leading healthier lives. They also are much more likely to have time on their hands and to be having more carefree or passionate sex – for the vast majority of couples, the only missing ingredient for conception is time and opportunity for sex.

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