Shoulder Length Bob Hairstyles With Bangs 

When you decide to go on a journey of self improvement and awareness, it is always encouraging to be able to talk with another person who is on the same path. Such is the case when on the journey to becoming a ‘Naturalista’.

Shoulder Length Bob Hairstyles With Bangs  Photo Gallery

One thing that I have discovered in my own personal journey is that it is so important to embrace and love your own self. Know that your hair is beautiful and even on those days when it may not “look” so beautiful, you have to be determined to work with what you have.

It is also imperative to love the journey that you are on; to accept the pitfalls, the disappointments, the moments of frustration and make a decision that it’s all working together for your higher good. Remind yourself that it is something that you want to accomplish.

Honestly, if being natural was not something that I had unequivocally decided that I WANTED to do, I would not have had a successful journey.

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