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What’s in the water for your hair style?

Showering using hard water, which has a high mineral content, can cause build-up on the hair shaft, leading to dull, lifeless and hard to brush hair.

The Facts: There are several water contaminants that can cause hair to fall out or illnesses that contribute to hair loss.

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Generally occurs in the food we eat as a trace mineral, however it is also an element found in ores. Most commonly, this element can reach toxic levels when it gets into the water system from the runoff from refineries and mine. Excessive overdosing of selenium can lead to hair loss.


Found in fish and polluted waterways.


Water travelling from old lead pipes to the shower may be a prescription for hair loss from lead posioning.


Food naturally contains trace amounts of zinc, which is an essential nutrient needed by our bodies. Contamination occurs when there are excessive amounts of zinc in the water caused by such things as metal manufacturing industries and electrical utilities.


In water it can cause health problems such as anemia which in turn leads to hair loss.

Arsenic and thallium:

Can cause hair to fall out and make you very sick.


Protein damage to hair can be significantly eliminated by removing copper from the water supply.

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