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Welcome to another week of my blog for those who don’t know us my name is Kerry. And this is my daughter Graycie hi everyone this blog is all about learning new. And different hair styles if this is your first time here we’d love for you to comment.

And if you’re already a commentr we love you we thank you. So much for supporting us today, I’m gonna show you how to do a side couple braids for those moms who don’t really have much time you could just sweep it up onto a side braid. And it’ll still look really pretty.

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So let’s get started okay. So you’re gonna go ahead. And sweep the hair over to the side.

And this style is just a messy but yet nice style that you’ll still have compliments on, I went ahead. And put some sea salt just to give it some texture. And anything, I mentioned in this post, I’ll leave a link in the description box below on the side, I’m gonna go ahead.

And do a Dutch braid. And if you don’t know how to do a Dutch braid you can click right here for that way when, I do this such braid it’s all gonna fall right over her ear okay it’s not gonna go back into an ankle it’s gonna go right over her ear just gonna do a nice nice braid. I’m going to stop here.

And, I’m just going to pancake this out just to give it some fullness of this braid then, I’m just going to take the Topsy tail. And cover this elastic band with our own hair there’s one here, I’m going to create an infinity braid from here to here if you don’t know how to do it an infinity braid you click right there stop here an elastic band. And again, I’m going to go ahead.

And over that up for the Topsy tail the end here, I’m gonna go ahead. And do a slightly different take on the asian not braid you take a section up here on the top on the asian braid you take it from the back like uh like it’s almost like a ladder braid where the ladder braid you go over. And then bring it under.

And then grab it well this one here you’re gonna take the top, I’m gonna take the two fingers, I’m gonna twist it. So how we did that okay the fingers take your two fingers right underneath the strand right here, I’m gonna take it. And twist it okay take your thumb grab underneath this ponytail.

And then take this strand the end of the Strand. And grab it with these two fingers. And pull it right through that loop okay.

So you’re gonna do it again now if you have a longer strands you can you could try to get away with it. And do it again with that one strand that you have this. And then you can just take another piece.

And add it with this strand. And then continue to do it okay again twist take your thumb under grab it from underneath. And pull through.

So if you have a looser braid it’s fine because that’s what you want is the least looseness on this. I’m going to do it one more under okay see how it creates these like little loops which, I think it’s pretty cool you can go ahead. And just paint them out a little bit to make it thicker then, I’m gonna secure it off on the last fan.

And then you can leave this out or you can continue to do whatever you want to go ahead. And hide this. And then a fishtail if you don’t know how to do a fishtail.

And we’ll quickly right there. And, I’m gonna go ahead. And pancake the cell, I’m just going to hide this elastic a little hairspray just obtain those flyaways there you have it thank you.

So much for reading we help you find value in this tutorial if there’s a sir that you’re like us to recreate leave a comment down below don’t forget to give us a thumbs up. And click the logo below say there wasn’t any of your upcoming tutorials to check out more of my posts click on over there. And there until next time learn it do it.

And teach it to others bye.

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