Side Dutch Braid Combo Back-to-School Hairstyles

Hey, everyone, I’m Abby from LA. Today, I’m with Camry.Hey, guys.Hey. And we’re here to show you how to do the side braid combo. You can see on her hair right here. It’s beautiful. Great back-to-school hairstyle. In the meantime, don’t forget to comment to our blog and make sure to give us a thumbs-up. Now let’s go to the hairstyle. Okay, guys, what we’re gonna do to start this hairstyle is start with a side Dutch braid. But I’m gonna teach you a little trick because I’ve had some people complain that pulling all the hair over into one braid leaves it a little loose right here. So what we did was section off, I did a part right here, and then I just kind of drew a line and left a little section to this side. We’re not gonna use this right now. Now I’m gonna go back over on this side and begin my Dutch side braid.

Side Dutch Braid Combo Back-to-School Hairstyles Photo Gallery

And it’s just gonna run pretty close to her hairline all the way back. You can see right here I’m just sweeping this last piece up and into the nape of her neck, this last little section of braid, tight as I can. Like this. And then what I’m gonna do is just put an elastic right here to hold it for a second so that we have our hands free. And just combine it with this braid right here. And then secure all of it together with an elastic. So what that did was allow us to get this part just a little tighter than you normally want it if you were just pulling it up and into the side braid. That’s just an option for those of you that have struggled with that. Now, I’m gonna go back, and before I go any further, I’m just gonna pancake like crazy this side braid. I’m just really really fluff it. We want it probably three times the size it is right now. Once you finish pancaking the braid, then I went down here and picked up a little piece of hair and just wrapped it around the elastic.

Now you can use a bobby pin to pin that in place, or you can do a topsy tail. Either one, it’s up to you. So, ta-da, like that. Now, for the remainder of the hair, I just did a three-strand braid. Your hairdo is all done. Okay, let’s do the final spin. Such a pretty style for back to school. Yay. Be sure to give this post a huge thumbs-up. Don’t forget to comment to our blog by clicking this button right here. If you’d like to see more of our blog posts from our family, you can click right here. And if you wanna see my last post of reality Pokemon Go where I was wearing this hairstyle, click right here. We’ll see you guys next week. Bye, guys. Bye.

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