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Hey everyone. I’m Abby from LA, and today we’re going to film this fishtail bun. This is a great easy updo that you can wear to work, or even you could dress it up and do prom, or even a wedding, if you really wanted to. But it’s really great and pretty easy. So we can started let me spin her around so you can see by doing what I call the cheater version of curls. So if you look, underneath her top layer, her hair is just regular straight like it would be if she just let it air dry. And all we’ve done is just taken the very top layer and put a few curls into it for little add texture and volume. And you can use a wand, a curling iron, even a top styler would work great adding those curls. Now we’re going to take her hair, and we’re going to just swoop it loosely over to one side. So we don’t want to pull that two tight, or we lose the fun volume and texture that we’re wanting. So think about the bottom of her ear is where I’m going to begin the fishtail braid down.

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So you’re going to start here. Separate the hair into two section, and just begin a fishtail. And what I’m going to do is stop talking so we can fast forward. I have another post on how to do a fishtail braid that you can watch if you don’t know how to do this already. And they’re pretty slow, so I’m going to speed up the post right here. So when you get to the end of your fishtail, you’re just going to secure it with a rubber band, like so. And then I’m going to go back and just pull on the part a little bit to loosen the fishtail so it looks a little more full. And when you’ve got all loosened the way you want it, then just take it and form a bun shape, like so. Tuck those ends in so that you can’t see them. We want it to sit a little bit lower. There we go, like that. And then take your Goody Spin Pins or your bobby pins, and you’re just going to twist them in so that it grips that hair and starts securing it into place. I’ll do another one back here, like so.

Those are nice because it seems like you just use less of them, and they grip really well, more than like, bobby pins you might need to use more of them. And then I’m just going to fluff, pull a little bit more because we really want to accept the fact that it began as a fishtail, and looks really full and scaly-looking. You can see, I just need one bobby pin right there to just hold that in place. And there you go. You have a lovely little updo that looks great. You can use for work, prom, weddings. If you added just a little few little jewels, or anything like that, flowers, it would dress it up and look amazing. And then, of course, just finalize with your favorite finishing hairspray to just hold everything in place. And there you go. I hope you enjoy, and we’ll see you next time.

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