Side Fishtail Combo Ponytails Hairstyles

Today we’re going to film the side ponytail combo. It’s a great hairdo, really fun, very creative. OK, so I’m going to take her hair and I’m just going to pull it over her shoulder, just softly. This is a good soft one if you were like after a day at the pool or in the sunshine, this would be a good one for your hair. I’m going to just loosely rubber band it. And then I’m going to take a little piece of hair and I’m going to do a wrap around pony. So you can see I’m just wrapping the ponytail. Now I wanted to make sure I knew where that little elastic was for that last little loop. I’m just going to stick it through the elastic and then just kind of hide the elastic as best I can towards the back. OK. And then if you need to, you can do a little bobby pin right there on that last piece of hair too.

Side Fishtail Combo Ponytails Hairstyles Photo Gallery

OK, once you have your ponytail all secured the way you like it then I am going to fishbone a few pieces. There’s two ways you could finish this off. You could fishbone all the way down to the end of your hair or you can finish it the way I’m going to. You’ll have to excuse my I’m coming down with a cold today. OK, I’m going to just stop. So I only wanted just a little section of fishbone, but you could fishbone it all the way down and then rubber band it. I’m going to rubber band it again. And then I’m going to just loosen that up so it’s looks all big and chunky. And there you go, the side ponytail combo. Just a super cute, easy, style that you could do even you know, straight from the beach or from the pool, whatever you need it to do.

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