Side Pull Through Braid Hairstyles

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Side Pull Through Braid Hairstyles Photo Gallery

we’re gonna show you how to do a Side pull Through Braid. This should only take about 5 minutes depending on the hair texture. And the length.

So let’s get started. I went ahead. And sectioned her hair off to the side.

And secure the back with an elastic band just to get out of my way. And I sectioned this off into a rectangular almost right from here back. And from the crown area back.

Anything, I mentioned in this tutorial, I’ll leave a link in the description box below. I went ahead. And wet her hair you could do this dry if you like but it works for me better when it’s wet.

And I also put some gel in her hair you’re gonna go. And section her hair into six equal parts. And secure them off into an elastic band.

Try to make it like an inch, 1/2 an inch apart depending on how big her head is. okay. So now you have six equal pony tails you’re going to take the first pony tail you’re going to split it in half you don’t want to split it in half this way you want to split it in half going backwards okay.

So you want to split it backwards this way don’t even take the split. And take the next pony tail bring it between the split. And secure it off with this pony tail here you can have your model hold the first ponytail right here.

So once you secure this ponytail you’re gonna take this here. And pancake it out very slowly very easy just pancake it out by holding this ponytail here. So now you’re gonna take this point this one here that she was already holding this one down.

And you’re gonna split this in half again, I will just put a little water split this in half take the split bring this one here between the split have her hold it take the split. And the next ponytail. And bring it together.

And secure it off with an elastic band take this. And tug. And pull.

And pancake this out. And I take the one that she was holding bring it back split it in half. And this is all repeated in to get to the last section of her hair okay.

So after, I secured the last tale. And let this one go you can go ahead You can go ahead. And secure both of them together if you like for adding security but, I think it’ll stay.

And there you have it! Final spin Thank You guys. So much for reading we hope you enjoyed this tutorial. And find value in it.

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