Side Swept Hair Styles for Prom or Homecoming

Hey girls Abbey here with part of our side-swept homecoming hairstyles these have a little bit more look to them they’re a little bit edgier but I think they’re super fun if you haven’t seen part one I’ll link it at the end of the post be sure to check that out because it’s really cute and a little bit more fit minute if that’s your taste but let’s go ahead and get started I love sized sub hairstyles for homecoming because they’re. So great in pictures they look really great cuz they’re pretty from the front and not just from the back. So let’s start out you’re gonna go ahead and separate all your hair from the temples up and tease it a bit then go ahead and smooth it into whatever size pompadour you like I actually kept mine a little bit smaller this time just because I feel like I’ve done some really big ones lately and I wanted to show what a smaller pompadour will kind of look like then take the hair from the ear to the pouf on the side that your ponytail will not be on and sweep it over on top of those bobby pins but you just put there that’s gonna help to hide the bobby pins and get that nice sleek look on the side. So I just went ahead and put two bobby pins in right there and I kind of just tucked them underneath and pin them into the previous bobby pins and then.

Side Swept Hair Styles for Prom or Homecoming Photo Gallery

I gave it a good bit of hairspray and I use my fingers to kind of comb in a PC look onto the pompadour they’re gonna pull all your hair over into the side that you want your second pair to be on and you’re gonna separate the hair in front of the ear and go ahead and secure the rest into a ponytail at whatever height you want now if you have shorter hair in the front you should leave it down because you see how good that looks that makes it look a lot more kind of rock and roll because my hair is. So much longer I kind of have to put it down. So I smoothed it back and wrapped it around the ponytail and that way you kind of are able to get that nice sleek look on either side now if you don’t want to do that if your hair’s a little bit shorter just wrap some hair from the ponytail around the band to hide it and that’s it that is our first little rock-and-roll kind of hairstyle I kind of think this would look a little bit better with the larger pompadour but like I said.

I just wanted to show you what it would look like if you did it smaller. So that’s that one and now we have our bohemian inspired one which I think you guys can assume is my favorite comment below and tell me which one is your favorite of the four that I did in these two posts but go ahead and split the hair into your side part and then you’re gonna kind of separate the hair in kind of a halo around your head and just twist it up and pin it out of the way and then go ahead and put your headband on now you can use an or stretching one like this but you’re just gonna pull it over your forehead and kind of the angle that you want and then let the rest of the hair down and it gets that cool little shape with the hairband then on the side that your hair will not be on like the side that has less hair just go ahead and sweep the hair back and go ahead and pin it. So that either top of your ear is not exposed and then go ahead and pull that front back and pin that in place where you like it if you have side bangs go ahead and leave them down and if you have normal bangs you can go ahead and leave them down – this would look great with normal bangs then go ahead and split the ponytail section into three and braid for a couple inches normally once you’ve got those couple inches braided you’re gonna take a small little.

Clippy like this and just clip it into the underside of the braid and then just kind of brush the hair down with your fingers and you’re gonna find that the clip disappears into the braid and you’ve got this cool little disappearing braid going on then I’ll gonna take a one-inch iron and curl all of the hair that’s left there just to get a nice little shape to it and you can choose to leave it straight or curly if you want now the great thing about these hairstyles is that you can make them your own you can mix any of these ponytails with any of the kind of top styling that we did. So that you create your own out of this. So if you like the bottom from one and the top from another mix them together and that would look really cool just do a way to make these your own and do whatever you want and you can keep them straight or curly it really is up to you. So personalize it make it your own and be sure to send me pictures on Twitter and Facebook coz I love seeing them here’s some other posts to check out if this wasn’t quite your thing I’ve got my homecoming playlist part one of this post and that’s it I hope you guys like this I’ll see you in my next post bye.

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