Side Swept Waterfall Twist Hairstyle Curl Jam

Hey guys, I’m going to show you how to do this side swap Waterfall twist using the nume curled gem this hairstyle is really easy to do and it’s perfect for those upcoming holiday get-togethers. So let’s begin first off apply heat protectant all over your hair then brush it out and allow it to dry for a few minutes for this look I’ll be using my nume curls and again, if you want to see the previous post I did using this curling set I’ll link it down below.

Side Swept Waterfall Twist Hairstyle Curl Jam Photo Gallery

But basically this kit comes with an easy curing pouch a thirty two millimeter barrel a 25 millimeter burrow and finally a 19 millimeter barrel to prevent accidental burns it comes with the flow and the last thing you get is a ceramic flat iron before I break my hair. I’m going to use the flat iron to straighten it this will make my hair smooth and soft and easy to work with just start the Waterfall twist pick up a section of hair into the front of your face and divide it into two equal sections now take the bottom strand and cross this over the top strand pick up a section of hair right next to it add it in between the two strands like. So and now you’re going to cross these two strands over that new strands by taking the bottom strand and placing it over the new one then taking the top strand and crossing it over like. So placing your strand in your mouth to keep it out of the way then pick up another section of hair and repeat the same step place it in the middle of the two strands cross the bottom strand over and then across the top and the new strand goes in your mouth again all right.

So one more time pick up a new section of hair place it in between the two strands take the bottom strand cross it over the new one and then cross the top over the bottom drop the strands from your mouth and now you can continue this braid until you reach the nape of your neck now since this is a side swap hairstyle you want to work the braid at an angle and as you pick a pair you want to pick up hair from the other side as well. So just do exactly what. I’m doing here after you pick up all your hair the braid should end at the back of your neck tie the two twisted strands with another little strand of hair at the back to keep it in place you can leave your hair straight.

But, if you want it to look more festive you can always add curls. So here. I’m using the 25 millimeter barrel for loose Carol now, if you have another party to attend the following day then you can definitely just use the same hairstyle. Because these curls will last until the next day since the holidays are coming up I think this is the perfect gift for a sister a mother a friend or an end. Because you get three curling irons and one and a flat iron and since you guys are. So awesome I’ll be your going to set away to one of my lucky commentrs. So, if you want feel free to read the post description for all the rules now if you’ve got your eye on something else from nume they also put together a holiday catalog which you can get 20% off of with the code ever after or you can get 60% off the entire site plus free shipping with the code by the fire.

So if you’re interested I’ll place links to everything in the post description below anywho I hope you guys enjoy the turtle, if you did don’t forget to give this post a thumbs up and share it with your friends thanks so much for reading. And I’ll see you later.

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