Side Triple Flower Hairstyles

Hi, guys, it’s Katie and Charlie again, and we’re here to show you another cool hairstyle. This one’s a really simple hairstyle, and it’s really good to do on yourself or your friends, whatever you wish. All you have to know how to do is a three strand braid. So we hope you like this simple style. Please be sure to give us a big thumbs up, and make sure to comment to Hairstyles using this button below. Thanks a bunch, let’s get started. So the first thing I did with this style was I parted her hair on the side, and then I used a micro crimper to crimp just about this much of her hair, so from the part to the ear, and, turn that way, and a little bit behind.

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Now I’m going to put this rest of the hair in a pony tail, so it’s out of the way while we work. Yeah? So now you’re just gonna section this hair in three different pieces. Try to be as equal as possible, but it’s not crucial for them to be totally equal. So I just sectioned these two out of the way, and I’m gonna leave a little out around her hairline. And I’m just gonna loosely three strand braid this. Now as you can see, as I go, I’m gonna pancake the braid on just one side. When I get to the ends, I’m just going to add a little elastic. I’m going to just pull it through like this to start a little loop. And then I’m gonna tuck the ends.

And I’m going to start rolling. This is going to make a flower. Then I’m going to pin it down with bobby pins. Now I’m gonna take the next section down. And same thing, I’m going to loosely braid it, and this time I’m gonna pancake the other side, so it can go the other direction. (acoustic guitar) Now you’re going to do one more flower, and you’re gonna want it to sit right here. So I’m gonna pancake out this edge ’cause I want the flower to roll this way.

Okay, now that I’m finished with the three flowers, I’m just going to take the rest of the hair down. Thank you guys for watching. We’re so happy to have gotten to share another braid with you today. We hope you liked it, as you can see, it’s so simple. Go ahead and comment to Hairstyles with this button here. If you wanna see more of our posts, you can see them right here, and to see more Hairstyles posts, right down here. Thanks, bye!.

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