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2-pack. Nice Hello friends and welcome to another post Today I’m here with Candace – Hey and we’re going to be testing out another strange dupe So, recently there has been a few posts of people blending out their foundation with hard-boiled eggs -Mhmm using them like Beauty Blenders. We also have the Evie Blender here today which is a silicone make up sponge and it is, like, basically the same shape as a Beauty Blender with a little dip-it in the front So, nobody said that the egg was a dupe for the Evie Blender The Evie Blender is a silicone makeup sponge that doesn’t absorb any product when you blend out your makeup In theory, the hard boiled egg (used as a makeup sponge) is supposed to do a similar thing and not absorb any product so Candace and I are going to see if this could be a dupe This beauty hack is just in time for Easter and also just in time for lunch It’s smelling kind of sulfur-y over here because we’ve got three hard boiled eggs which we’ve just made -Yeah, so now I can comfortably fart laughter and nobody will know Even though the Evie Blender has some texture on the outside, and the egg is pretty smooth -Mmm, I want to eat it Candace, you’ve already eaten one! I know! This one’s a little more pointed than the egg but both of them ‘recall’ a Beauty Blender I’m really interested to see how this will work So, we’re going to do, um, one half of our face in the egg and one half in the Evie Blender I would say, maybe, how’ bout left side egg, right side Evie They say ‘apply about half of the amount of makeup you normally would use with a foam sponge’ the Evie Blender is best for liquid, creams, or gel makeup You can even use it to apply lipstick! Whaat?! Okay, so, basically what you do is you, uh, blend the makeup onto your skin by first swiping the product and then bouncing the product Swipe, then bounce It definitely feels more, just like a hard Beauty Blender -Mhmm I can feel the, like, curvaces [crevices] I don’t know if that’s just for holding onto the product? I think it’s actually blending pretty quick it’s not that slow – I know! but it does hurt a little bit – Mhmm Just, ‘cus like, it’s just not soft It is not absorbing ANY of the product I have a ton left on my hand I really appreciate the shape of the tip, though, -Yes! because it can really get in the crevice – ‘Cause the problem that I had with the silisponge was that there wasn’t the ability to get under your eyes And all that area and it was just kinda like we had to fold it up It does have a little bit less of that, uh, suspicious slapping sound -Oh, that was bad slapping sound -Someone overhears you, and their like, Uh, Saf, what are you doing in there? I don’t know if you were noticing it at all foundation is really matte right now – Mhmm -Sometimes, I-I-I feel wet after an application but this feels nice. Yeah! I watched NikkiTutorials’ post and she was saying that, like, this thing made her skin really dry I think if you have really oily skin, maybe this could be really good Like, I have combo skin so, I feel like for some parts of my face, this is gonna be great And for other parts, it’s like , creepy, shaky voice Water.. – Overall, I think the coverage is v [very] good Alright, so this side is my, I don’t know why it looks so yellow on camera It’s my aged parchment color of this foundation.

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I just look like an old piece of papyrus I feel like in general.. it’s just very matte – Yeah, I-I actually like that it’s not super, like, dewy looking You can always add the dewiness back in – You know what I also like about stuff like this? Is that it’s probably really easy to clean Okay, um, so, it’s eggy time. Take your pick -Kinda like, wipe some moisture off Oh, should I get a paper towel? Oh, uh laughing – I’m just wiping the moisture off voice fades to giggling my body Candace is just becoming one with the egg Alright, so we each have our eggs and we’re gonna, oh, my foundation is like dripping down my hand – I’m really excited Oh, my God, look Candace laughs Oh! Saf gasps It feels so nice, oh! You don’t like it? – It kinda feels like I’m being licked by a cold dog -Like a dog’s wet nose is pressing into me Okay, so, I’m gonna try the same thing where it’s like, smear, and then bounce Off the..bat, this is kinda just, like, sitting on top – Yes My face – Yes, definitely wetter I do really love the way the egg feels on my face -Mhmm Like, it’s cooling – Okay, um, now it’s starting to dry a little The initial..swipe was like, This is just sitting on top of my face -Mhmm And now it’s blending a little bit more The thing that the Evie Blender’s got that this egg don’t got is the point You can really get in the crevice in like a great way I don’t mind the job it’s doing with the foundation but I’m, I’m doing the crevices with my finger at this point – It’s so much softer and it’s not as stiff I mean, I actually don’t think I’m using that much product and it doesn’t look like it’s soaking up too much – Yeah – I like the rolling action I can do Ooooh! Oh, my God that feels so nice – Isn’t it so nice? Okay, this is my Evie Blender side. And this is my egg side with the assistance of a couple of fingers You can’t really see a line down the middle of my face. It kinda looks like both sides are pretty similar – Evie Blender – Egg blender – I think you can tell a little bit on this side that there’s like almost a little bit more product I think the Evie Blender packs it on a little bit more – Mhmm – Yeah, when I’m looking at the details of my face, this was much more detailed oriented Yeah – That can go on its resume I think that getting in the crevices is a huge plus for the Evie Blender The egg is a nicer feeling on your face by a lot. Like, I really love way the egg feels. It’s cool. It’s kinda soft – If you could duplicate this feeling – I mean – Don’t take that idea; it’s mine There is a lot of product left on my hand so I think both were pretty good at not absorbing product – Yeah I don’t know who’s the winner here, though – I think for me, it’s the Evie Blender – I would use this Evie Blender just because I have a little more oily skin I think that I’m gonna have to give it to the egg – Woooaah! For a product that never asked to be a beauty blender The egg did a damn good job – Mhmm Like the egg was like, Listen, this was not my destiny. You took me off course. Sure, I’ll blend your makeup out and do a pretty good job. In terms of an everyday use, like an actual product, I think the Evie Blender has to win – Yeah But in terms of, like, this one-on-one take down match, I think the egg, the egg has some advantages – The egg would put up a very good fight – Like it was underdog status – The incredible, edible egg! We wash off the eggs Tyler: Is there a lot of makeup on that thing? Saf: There’s some makeup.

Can you see that right there? Just so you guys know, like, I don’t think foundation’s very good to eat health-wise um, so maybe don’t do this at home but – Mmm – read us get like raging stomach aches I can’t taste the foundation – I can’t either There you go Maybe you can wash it off and eat it after – Maybe you can do it all I think that this was actually a pretty successful test – One might say an eggs-cellent dupe I hope you guys enjoyed that post. Let me know if you tried this hack in the comments below Um, let me just swallow some egg before I continue If you liked this post, make sure to suh-mash that like button And if you want to see more posts like that, make sure to suh-mash that comment button And if you’re already commentd, make sure to su-mash that little bell icon in the middle to turn on post notifications so you get a notification every time that I post Here are Candace’s and mine’s social media handles Make sure to check out Candace’s blog. She’s got a blog where she does some fun stuff Teaches you some things and make sure to check out my nextbeat I do a lot of daily postging and Q and A’s on there A big shout out Chloe for reading. Thanks, Chloe, for reading. And, uh, we will see you guys a-next time.

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