Simple Beach Inspired Hairstyle and a Half Collab with Rachhloves

Hey with a beach inspired hairstyle to get us all in the mood for summer this year it’s effortless it’s wavy and there’s an extra like little half style that you can add to it if you’d rather make it into an updo and doing this as a collaboration with my friend rachel from rachhloves I absolutely love her I love her makeup skills I love her personality she’s an amazing person and her post will be linked at the end of this post. So be sure to check that out to get started we’re gonna start with the texture now a beachy hairstyle needs a beachy hair texture with nice little waves now my hair is naturally straight I will link some heatless tutorials in the description box but if you’re in a hurry like me This what you can do hit your hair with some heat protectant spray and then use your favorite curling iron to curl just the top layer of your hair it will get that nice beachy wavy look but without spending a lot of time or using heat all over your hair.

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So it’s a great little alternative to having to spend minutes curling your entire hair when you’re just gonna stick it all up anyway then hit your hair with a light hold hairspray to help it hold and my secret to beachy looking hair without sticky hair is to use dry shampoo through my ends to add volume and a matte texture however if you have naturally curly or wavy hair I just recommend using a sea salt spray because it aims down frizz but also gives you texture if you like really Blake Lively matte hair this product is great although I think the most user-friendly one is my favorite dry shampoo. So let’s get started with the actual style we’re gonna start with a lace braid go about a inch back from your hairline and part diagonally then go ahead and clip the hair on top out of the way then you’re gonna take a little section from the front and begin braiding underneath adding in hair for the top as you go. So basically you’re doing a Dutch braid incorporating only hair from the top if you need a tutorial on a Dutch braid.

I have that link in the description box for you as well because I already have one for you guys you want to go about five inches with this just enough to get the braid hidden behind the rest of your hair and then you’re gonna braid another couple of inches normally to see if you some braid to go ahead and pin down to your hair we’re gonna secure the raid using these little clips that you might remember from middle school they’re just little snap clips and you want to pick one in the same color as your hair just use that to clip the hair underneath the hair that we’ve already sectioned snap it in place let the hair down and your little braid is covered and you didn’t have to mess with bobby pins this next step is really similar you’re going to part diagonally starting at the end of your part line and go ahead and secure that top part up and out of the way and then you’re gonna create your two mini braids you’re gonna pick up a little piece of hair right next to where we parted it and go ahead and braid that about seven inches down your hair you want to make sure that the top of that is very nice and loose just to give it a nice beachy effortless look you don’t want it to look too tight but it can’t be tight as you go down if you prefer and then once you’ve got that one done you’re gonna create another little section just a little farther forward on your head and go ahead and create the exact same braid again on that section now once you have those two done tape them together and put them underneath the section that we separated and make sure that they have this kind of nice arched shape take another snap clip snap it in place and let the hair down and you’re done and now we’re going to pull all the hair over to one side.

So as you sweep your hair to the side that you want it to be on and then we’re gonna twist that hair at the nape of the neck. So that all those little layers that you might have around there don’t fall out throughout the day we’re gonna use these little kind of claw clips to hold that in place. So once you have it twisted upward around your nape area go ahead and clip it with a claw clip and if you need more than one you can always use two or three in case you have lots of layers and that’s it for the twist now we’re gonna finish off by braiding the rest of the hair and this will look cute even if you only have like four inches of hair here it will still be adorable and you can get fancy and do whatever braid you want I just decided to do a regular braid and then finish it off with a small band and you are done optionally if it’s really warm wherever you are and you want to throw your hair up go ahead and twist that braid into a bun make sure that we need to do that you go ahead and put the and underneath the bun. So that it’s not sticking out or making any weird little flyaways and then it just took me three or four little bobby pins to hold that bun in place and I think what’s cool about This that I mean I didn’t even need a mirror to do it’s really quick and easy just to throw it into a bun and have a quick little updo from your down style in case you need it and that is it for our beach inspired hairstyle and a half I hope you guys liked it and now you absolutely have to go check out Rachel’s post she has amazing makeup tutorials and I’ll sure you will absolutely love her just as much as I do. So go check her out and subscribe and I will see you guys in my next post you.

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