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Hey everyone. So we are going to film another daddy ‘do. So this one’s just a simple braid. Weirdly, you would not think this would be one people wouldn’t know how to do, but there really are people that just didn’t have moms that taught them how to braid, or husbands that don’t know how to braid. So we’re going to have my husband take over again on the hair. OK, we’re going to do a simple braid. My wife started out, just for sake of time on the post, she parted the hair right here on the side with her rat tail comb and just pulled it back into a ponytail.

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Before you start the braid it’s always a good idea to just separate the ponytail in half and cinch that rubber band up as close to the head as you can so it’s nice and tight, and then we will spray it. Get it a little bit wet. It’s always easier to braid it when it’s a little bit wet so you don’t have all the hair falling out of the ponytail. And it’s best to use a comb because it keeps the hair pretty uniform like that. I’m just getting a little bit more hair. All right. bottom I’m actually going to brush it. The key concept is you’re going to divide the hair into three even parts. Guess we’ll start right there with one. We’re going to go right here with two, with three parts. In braiding, the technique is basically you take the outside hair and you’re going to go over the middle strand.

So I’m actually going to take this C part and go right here in the middle. So now I’m going to take the other outside strand and go over the middle like that. Once I do one more you’ll start to see the braid happen. Take the outside, over the middle, outside, over the middle, outside, over the middle, outside tighter over the middle, all the way down. OK, I don’t braid. This is my first official braid, I think. Right? Outside, over the middle. Now, it doesn’t have to be perfect because if you’re a dad doing this you can get brownie points just for having braided it. Outside, over the middle, outside, over the middle, all the way down. And it gets to a point where for me, I think it’s going to be hard to manage. I’m just going to go ahead and tie it off here pretty quick. Right there. OK, can you hand me your thank you sweetie? Just going to use a rubber band, or a hair band to. OK, now I’m just going to small part down there. Just going to fluff that up a little bit. And then, if you don’t know how to tie your shoes dads, this is going to be hard for you. We’re just going to put a simple bow a ribbon in her hair. Hang on. I’m just going to actually grab that part. It’s a little big there. Just flip that inside out so the outside the ribbon shows. There. There we go. Now we’ve got a braid with a ribbon. Simple braid.

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