Simple Braid with Micro-Braids Hairstyles

Hey everyone. I’m Abby from LA and this morning we’re going to film a simple braid with microbraid accents. So it’s a really fun, kind of a unique take on just your simple braid. So we’ve actually started by just pulling her hair into a side ponytail and we actually did a hair wrapping around the elastic. And I have a post on how to wrap your elastic if you don’t already know how to do that. And then we’ve separated the hair into three sections. And what we’re going to do is add microbraids as you can see, I’ve already done one into two of the three sections. So I’m actually going to go ahead and add another microbraid into this section right here.

Simple Braid with Micro-Braids Hairstyles Photo Gallery

So I’m just going to grab a little hair and then just go ahead and braid it. Now this is just going to give us a fun little pop in the braid. OK, so when you get to the end you’re just going to secure it with an elastic to finish off your little braid. OK. Now I’m going to just take my three sections of hair and I’m going to do a break. Now, traditionally, I braid like so. I cross and I’m kind of going inward. Can see how I’m bringing these strands in to the center and in? OK, so what you want to do is the reverse of that on this particular braid. You want to take them out. So watch the difference. I’m taking the middle strand out over the top and you see how I’m pulling them out instead of in? This is going to help keep those microbraids laying on top of the hair. Do you see how they’re falling nice on top of the hair, right here? And make it really simple for this to really have a ka-pow factor through the braid. See that? Pretty spiffy, huh? So make sure you’re taking the hair out instead of in. OK, and then you’re going to just take an elastic at the end. Obviously, she’s got a little bit of layering popping out.

We’ll fix it. Just tucking it back through. And there you have them, with a little bit of microbraid just accent running through the braid. And I promise that one’s going to be one that gets a lot of attention. Now, if you want to do a little more grown-up version, so more of an adult look, simply take out this rubber band altogether and do a really soft braid into like a really soft ponytail falling into the braid, which wold just make it a little bit more older looking. So I hope you enjoy and we’ll see you in our next tutorial.

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