Simple Braided Bun Updo Hairstyles

Hey, everyone, I’m Abby from LA. And today I’m really excited about the post because we’re going to do something we’ve never done before. I’m going to have one of my twinees come on, and she’s going to teach you a hair tutorial on her own hair. She’s actually a little bit nervous, which I think is adorable. So please be nice. But before we move on to her, I’m going to announce the winners of our , commentr giveaway. Thank you to everyone that entered. We actually had , entries, which is amazing.

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I can’t even explain what the response was like. If you are one of the lucky winners below, please make sure that you message me via YouTube. And I need to know your name, your shipping address, your email, and please just verify with your parents, if you’re and under, that you have permission to send me your shipping address. If you are not one of the lucky winners, don’t panic, because all of the companies New Me, Top Styler, and Flatiron Experts have generously agreed to keep their coupon codes going until December st. So you still have plenty of time to snatch up those great items and especially for Christmas right around the corner make sure you get anything you wanted. CGH T-shirts are also on sale. You can find the link in the description box to our store. And if you’re one of those winners, you have seven days to contact me. After that, we will redraw for somebody else. So, be nice to my baby. Here she comes. This is her first official post.

And the training wheels are off, and I’m feeling a little maternal. Anyway, thank you. And we’ll see you guys later. Hey guys I’m CGH number two. And today I’m going to show you the braided bun. It’s a super easy hairstyle to do when you’re in a rush, or you just got out of the swimming pool. It also works when you hair is wet or dry. So this bun is really easy to do. You start out by putting your hair in a high ponytail like I have right here. And these right here are just my bangs. So it also works if you have layers, or bangs, or anything like that. You begin the braided bun by braiding it. You split it into three pieces, and you start braiding it. And I’m going to pull it to the side in a second so you can see me braiding it here. OK, here we are. So we’re going to just pull it to the side and braid it. And you can do it tight if you have layers, like I do, or they will probably pop out. So, you’ll have to braid it tight. And then we’ll grab a small rubber band like this.

It matches my hair. And we’ll just rubber band it in. I have a lot of hair. OK, so once you’re done braiding the bun, you just want to put your hand right here and turn the braid so it’ll lay flat on the front. And you just want to turn it and lay it like that. So, you can see that the braid is clearly braided. And for cheerleaders and such, you might want to rubber band it, so you’ll have to take a rubber band so it’ll hold better. And just rubber band this bun right in, like that. And then, you can pin it if you need to. And sometimes you can just pull it out. But here’s the braided bun. OK, so anybody that wants to spice it up a little bit, you can take any accessory, hair accessory, and you can just put it in the bun. So, I’m going to put this headband in right here. Like that. And there you have it, the braided bun. Super cute, super easy. And this is what it looks like from both sides. Thank you guys. See you. The three sections. Now, I going to take this and put it into this middle section. You can get on whichever one you want. And then begin just to braid.

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