Simple Braided Summer Hair

Hello my lovelies I’m going to be doing a very very quick summer hair tutorial it’s sort of a braided half-up half-down do really really easy it takes no time you can do it on straight hair or curly hair today my hair is sort of wavy and you’ll see this look takes no time and anybody can do it even if your hair isn’t long you know it’s kind of mid length you can still do this look. So if you guys like this yeah and want to know how to recreate it then keep reading and I’ll show you exactly what you need to do okay.

So like, I said in the beginning this is a very easy and simple tutorial and the only thing you really are going to need for it is some bobby pins to secure the side braids if you’re going for a curly look like me you’re gonna have to obviously curl your hair and, I used a cortex foreign one this is one and a quarter inch, I believe barrel for more of tighter curls not too loose that’s the look, I was going for today you can do really anything you like you can even leave your hair straight if that’s what you want. So that’s pretty much all we’re gonna need and the only other thing is to create the braids and pin them down. So the first thing we’re going to want to do is create the first braid and it’s going to be this part right here which is kind of like your bang area.

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So the first thing you want to do is to make sure when you’re separating hair into three sections to create a regular braid that you have enough hair in all three sections because we don’t want to end up with one section of hair that just runs out of hair. So just make sure that you separate it in a way that you have equal amount of hair in all of the sections just like this, I want my braids to be more on the loose side. So I’m not doing it not doing a very tight braid sort of on the loose side and then when, I finished braiding, I kind of stopped you know two-thirds of the way down not I’m not going all the way down and you’re going to bring the braid to the back of your head and just secure it with some bobby pins and before you do that you just want to make sure that they here is not sticking out high C’s ooh C’s was snapping under the bed because it’s really hot in my room.

So so what you want to do is just go in the back and just secure that with a bobby pin just like that and, I feel like one is enough for me but just to be on the safe side I’m gonna add one more and just crisscross it high season high can you guys see him there it is right there um. So yeah there’s one braid and we’re gonna do a second one right underneath it together for this braid we’re gonna make sure that we’re separating the hair in a way that every strand that you’re going to be braiding has enough hair okay. So there we go.

So we got our three sections and now we’re just going to loosely braid all the way down all right. So once you get to this point again we’re not braiding all the way down just enough to kind of take the braids to the back of the head. So that’s what we’re going to do we’re just going to kind of bring it to the other side of the first ring and just again secure that with some bobby pins he wants to leave the room.

So there we go. So we’re just going to secure that like that. So once we have one side finished we’re going to repeat the process on the other side again when you’re separating the hair into three sections you just want to make sure that you have equal amount of hair and now we’re going to start braiding but more on the loose side.

So once you have your braid braided in I’m going to pick up the top layer of the hair that’s going to cover up the braids in the back and just kind of put it to the side and bring the braids to the back where the other braid is secured. So they’re kind of on the same level and we’re going to secure that with a bobby pin. So now we’re going to create the second basically exactly the same way we’re going to pick up the hair right above the ear the section and again we’re going to separate it into three parts and create just create a regular braid.

So again when we’re done with this braid we’re gonna bring it all the way to the back and attach it right underneath the first braid and make sure you kind of again put the push to here at the crown to the side that’s the hair that’s going to cover up the grades. So grab a bobby pin and just secure it right underneath the first braid, I actually really really like it, I think it’s really perfect for summer because on hot days like today um you know when you not when you don’t really feel like putting you all of your hair up this is a perfect look because you kind of get rid of the hair at the front that really makes you you know hot and sweat and you still have a really pretty and feminine look, I think this is sort of bohemian chic chic kind of look and, I really like it. So, I really hope that you guys enjoyed this tutorial and definitely give it a try um it’s really great for summer it takes no time and you can do it on straight or curly.

So yeah thank you guys. So much again for reading and, I will see you in the next tutorial bye you.

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