Simple but Showy Bohemian Updo

Today I have just an easy updo that I think is really fun I think you could dress it up or down like I say with any updo I really love it was originally inspired by Kristen Stewart and I’ll link the picture in the downbar the difference between the way hers looks and my demonstration of it is the hair texture I went with my natural hair texture which is very um straight and shiny and. So I gave it more of a kind of I don’t want to say prim and proper but that is kind of what it ended up looking like.

Simple but Showy Bohemian Updo Photo Gallery

So I gave a kind of a more primitive proper edge if you wanted it to look more like the Kristen Stewart version you would just need to start off with kind of scrunched beachy hair and just pull out little bits of like little layers from your hair and that would end up with the exact same thing that she has but This what I did I think it looks a lot more Gossip Girl right now this actually reminds me a lot of a hairstyle that like Juliet would wear on Gossip Girl. So I guess This kind of a cool way to show you guys the difference that a hair texture makes but This the same This the exact same style it was just you know the texture is a little bit deficit I hope you guys like it and enjoy it and everything.

So I’ll without any further ado let’s just go ahead and roll it lifted by my wings crouched on the sill doing acrobatics moving from the matter in the air you wouldn’t believe what I saw a lady in a turban looking at a future tell the devices and she said the time isn’t right you should before come oh man you shouldn’t the time is you should know well that was on my way to another state I can see the levels rise and climbing up the ladder to the spheres you wouldn’t believe what I saw a devil in a magic road telling me a supernatural prediction and he said Maggie shoes the time isn’t right three Oh coming my the time isn’t right or come here I don’t your face around the time isn’t right for you the time isn’t right and said the time isn’t right me.

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