Simple Christmas Tree Braid Hairstyle

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Simple Christmas Tree Braid Hairstyle Photo Gallery

So much for supporting us since Christmas is right around the corner we’re gonna be showing you guys how to do a simple Christmas tree braid. So let’s get started, I’m gonna begin by putting some gel on the top of her hair just a tame her flyaways anything, I mentioned in this post, I’ll leave a link in the description box below. So now that, I sprayed some gel on her hair, I’m going to take a section right up on top right here.

And just go back right to the crown area what you want to do is just secure this top with an elastic band we want to just loosen it up a little just to hide that line okay you’re gonna take this ponytail here all you want to do is do a simple braid. So you’re gonna split this in three equal parts. So you’re gonna start doing a stitch of a braid you’re just going to take.

And pull just the outside of this just a little bit right here just like that then you’re gonna continue to do the same thing on this side here right on the outside just pull just a little bit. And you’re just going to continue to break down a stitch pull it right out just a little bit just like that again next one on this side just a little bit. And all it is it’s just gonna braid you’re going to take each of this side.

And extend it out to make it look like a Christmas tree. So each time that you go down you want to extend it out even further just taking a little bit from the outside of that braid. And that’s all just keep going all the way down until you get down to the end or however big you want this tree to look, I’m just gonna stop right here moving down a little bit.

And secure it off. And the last band right here then, I’m gonna go back. And just fix what I’ve pulled in with the Alessa pian.

And then just fit it to look like a Christmas tree since, I’ll be poor okay pretty doesn’t that look sober. And it’s just simple braid. And you can make it look like a Christmas tree just gonna put a you’re gonna put a little star or whatever you like, I’m just gonna put a little bow since, I didn’t have a star, I couldn’t find a star.

I just made this one up right in here. And also these little white bows to make it look like a white Christmas tree oops, I’m gonna spray a little bit of hairspray. And there you have it it’s just a simple braid you can make a Christmas tree pretty cool huh let’s do a spin hope you enjoyed this tutorial.

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