Simple Daisy Print Nail Art for Spring

I have been loving Daisy print for spring I’ve seen it on clothing all over the place and I think it’s the cutest thing and I just wanted to change that into nail art but if it seems a little difficult you can also do the same nail look without the accent nail and it’s really easy all you need is some color polish of whatever color you like some nail studs and then for the accent nail you’ll need your accent color and I used a black and white nail polish and a small paintbrush this one is just from Walmart just a typical little tiny paintbrush super easy to find and it works.

Simple Daisy Print Nail Art for Spring Photo Gallery

So basically your first thing to do is to apply your base coat and once you’ve applied your base coat just go ahead and allow it to dry and now it’s time for your color polish. So she’s your favorite color polish for the spring and apply your first coat to every nail except for your accent nail once that’s done apply your accent nail color and allow all of that to dry and now for the fun part go ahead and get your favorite studs or rhinestones out and ready to go just go ahead and let them out onto the table and make sure that we have about six right sign up before you get started and now we’re gonna start working one nail at a time go ahead and apply your second coat of your color polish to your liking once you’ve got that in place go ahead and grab your gold stud and put that right in the center at the base of your nail move it around if you need to get it into place and then continue on to your next nail applying your second coat and then your stud until you’ve got all of the studs applied to your color nail polish nails.

So now it’s time for the accent nail. So you’re gonna grab your small paintbrush and get ready to make some little daisies you’re just gonna grab some nail polish right from the nail polish bottle and make a small dot for the center of our Daisy we’re gonna put a gold set on that later but first we’re gonna make five little petals coming straight out from the Daisy at whatever length you like you can make these kind of like long daisies or just short cute little ones which ever one you think is best and then once you’ve got the five in place you might need to go ahead and retouch that little center dot to make sure that it’s wet enough to pick up the stud then once you’ve got that in place just stick your set on top of it and your first Daisy is done for the second Daisy you want to go ahead and make your dot for reference and then we’re gonna make these petals at least the first one going through the two petals of the other Daisy that way they kind of look like they’re intertwining and making a little bit of a print then go ahead and make as many petals as you have room for I only had room for four but if you have room for all five or if you just want to do three whatever works for you just make that happen and then we’re gonna move on to the other nail and I am using my left hand to do this one. So you can see that it is totally possible because I am really not good with my left hand just just no. So anyway we’re gonna repeat the exact same things to create the Daisy on this side as well then once these daisies are completely dry go ahead and apply a topcoat to all of your nails. So that your nail art lasts really well now I love this you can try this with pastel nails with bright nails even without the accent nail and I think it’s really pretty I hope you guys have enjoyed this my little foray into nail art it’s not necessarily gonna be an everyday thing but I thought it would be fun to do something a little different anyway I’ll see you guys in my next post I love you very much mwah bye.

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