Simple Easy Everyday Hair Tutorial

Hi guys today’s hair tutorial will be on a very simple everyday hair. So I’m gonna need for this hairstyle is a rat tail comb and some bobby pins oh sorry, I came up with this hairstyle when, I was just bored with my hair one day and, I was kind of short on time, I had to leave the house but, I didn’t want to just go out of the house having my hair down because it’s kind of boring.

So, I was like what can, I do to make it more fun and just like, I said, I didn’t had a lot of time. So, I was just like starting to twist my hair and I’m like oh this kind of looks nice. So I’ll just show you in a minute how, I do it it’s very easy and simple and definitely try it okay.

So let’s get to it. So what you want to do is pick one of the sides that you want to use for twisting and you want to start at the top and you want to use the rat tail comb to kind of section the hair. So like just section the top layer hey you want to do now is just start twisting it.

So just hold that section and twist it and make it really tight I’m sorry my voice sounds. So raspy today, I don’t know what it is maybe it’s because, I had too much fun, I wonder less. So much screaming a wonderland.

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So when you’re done twisting that section you want to just grab a pop bobby pin hey all you want to do is just instead of pinning it up you want to pin it down. So the bobby pin doesn’t stick out. So you just pin it down just like that and then we’re gonna push the hair over.

So that’s number one but we can do that after. So then you grab another section again what you want to do is use your rat tail comb comb hook to make a straight line or you can just use your fingers if you want but if you’re not good at this then the comb will be easier. So it’s just section it and start twisting it’s just twisted okay and once you’re done twisting do the same thing you just pin it down alright and the last step is just grab this all this here that’s left and just start twisting it sideways.

So doing the same exact thing that you did with the rest of the hair just pulling. So hard of my hair head there we go and do the exact same thing there you go and the way you want to do is just grab all day here and bring it over just bring it over. So you cannot see the bobby pins.

So what you end up with and this is my favorite part is that when you’re this way you kind of look just you know classy you don’t know what’s happening on the other side and then when you turn around it’s this kind of edgy side of you and, I personally my style like my clothing style is very classy with a you know with a hint of edginess and modern and, I like this this hairstyle for the same reasons because it’s kind of class in the side and edgy on the side, I love it it takes a few minutes to do really simple really easy if you’re running out to school or work you know you have no skis and not to do no excuses not to do this one because it’s really gonna take no time and you’re going to get tons and tons of compliments on this toilet problem thank you. So much for reading and I’ll see you guys soon.

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