Simple French braid Hairstyles

And today we’re gonna do back the basics.

I will be doing a French braid. So let’s get started case of her hair is wet. And I put gel over to as well just to calm her flyaways what you’ll do is you’re going to start off with a section of hair.

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And you’re going to section them off in three equal parts. And you’re going to take other of this left hand left side or the right side it’s up to you. And cross them over.

So you’re going to start off with a regular braid. I’ll do is, I’ll take the right strand now cross it off with the middle strand here okay. And then you’ll add a slice to this strand here the outer strand okay.

And you’ll smooth out the sides okay then you’re gonna take this strand here the outer a left-hand strand. And you’re going to put that strand over to your neighbor strand right here just like this then you will get take this strand here a slice. And join it in with this strand here make sure your your strand slice are smooth now you’re going to take the outside right strand.

And cross it over to your neighbors strand right here the middle one right here then you’ll take this strand the outside third strand you’re going to connect. And take a slice from the side. And connect it to that strand make sure that your slices are smooth now you’re going to take the left strand.

And bring it on over to the middle strand just like this. And you’ll take a slice. And join it in with that strand power stroke make sure that your slices are calm now you’re going to do the same thing it’s all repeat take that over to the neighbor screen.

And you’ll take a slice join it in with the outside strand make sure that you smooth out your slices across the left-hand strand over to the middle. And it’s a slice to that strand make sure again you smooth out slices you’re just going to repeat it all the way down make sure though you have it tight hold it tight just like that okay you tie it off okay. And just calm the sides together sew the sides will blend.

So you won’t have a little crease slits all over okay take a clip of your choice. And just hide that elastic band right here okay. I have to look quick, I actually like to have her tail.

And be puffy. I’m just going to back comb her hair. So it’ll look nice.

And puffy it’s a hairspray hairspray the end scrunch that up. And there you have her hair nice. And puffy at the end sets.

And when it dries just like this there you have it basic French braid, I hope you find this tutorial useful please give a thumbs up it comment to bye.

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