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I have three bridesmaid hairstyles to show you I’ll going to show you the first ones a day the next one tomorrow and the next one the day after that. So be sure you’re coming back and checking back this first one has some nice simple curls and a little braided half-up style. So let’s get started basically you’re just gonna separate your hair from the ears up and then curl that hair that’s left down with a one-inch curling iron and I wrapped my hair around this curling wand you can wrap your hair on normal curling iron if you want to get the same look and then of course I wrapped it back up and pinned it because that’s what I always do with my fine hair you kind of have to. So that the curl doesn’t end up loosening up if I want that define strong curl I kind of have to wrap it up but I mean if you have a you know thicker hair that takes a curl better don’t worry about it.

Simple Half Up Hairstyle – My Bridesmaids Hairstyles Photo Gallery

I mean this time for you is a little easier for you right. So then once you have that bottom part done you can go ahead and drop down the next section and pin a top section up and out of the way and then you’re gonna continue curling there now a note about curling wands I’ll actually starting to like them a lot more than normal curling irons which is kind of a big deal the only thing is definitely make sure that you use your little protective glove because you can burn your hand really bad on these things I kind of did that the other day it was painful and traumatic and I don’t recommend it um and then go ahead and let the top section down and curl that’s the exact same way and once all those curls are completely cool you can go ahead and let them down or you know if you didn’t have to pin them up you know you’re ready to go now anyway once you’ve got all those taking down you can go ahead and just run your fingers through them to kind of break them up a little bit.

I kind of like that and makes them look a little bit more natural and flowy and then for the little half updo what you’re going to do is to take that section that’s kind of right up next to your face and I kind of took a rough section. So whatever kind of hair you want to pull back and then just two three and braid it all the way back until it reaches the middle of your head then you can go ahead and pin it place in the back of your head and do the exact same thing on the other side now with this if you like want to camouflage your ears a little bit. So that you know if you feel like you have big ears and you want to make sure that they’re not sticking out you can make sure that you drape the hair over your ears or if you like that you’re like a higher angle you can do that whatever you want to do and then once you’re done with that second braid take it over and wrap it around the first one and pin it in place it just kind of helps to hide the bobby pins and gives kind of a cool look to it. So that you have a little bit more going on than just bobby pins in the back. So that’s it and that bridesmaid is – actually has shoulder-length hair and it’s totally doable on her hair. So cute girls with shorter hair can totally do this definitely give it a try and tweet me face with me send me pictures I would love to see it and I have my next ones coming up over the next couple days but you can check out my ez-up news playlist right now if you want to I will see you guys tomorrow bye you.

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