Simple Looped Side Ponytail Hairstyles

Hi guys today’s tutorial is on a pretty simple elegant side ponytail Brooke Burke one of the hosts from Dancing with the Stars was wearing this look in the latest post this past Monday and as soon as, I saw it, I was in love with the looks it’s of its simplicity and it’s looked really beautiful it was really elegant.

So, I decided to recreate this look for you guys very simple and pretty look and if you guys liked it this is the look from the side and if you want to know how to recreate it stay tuned and I’ll show you exactly what you need to do okay. So to recreate this look we’re gonna need just a few basic things and I’m going to be using three different brushes this is just a powder brush to brush through the hair a teasing comb and then you might want to use a rat tail comb just an elastic band preferably one that matches your hair color I’m going to use some hairspray. So today, I am wearing my lucky hair extensions in the 160 gram set and, I just skipped one of the weft I’m not wearing the three clipped wofe that goes on the bottom right here.

So first I’m going to start off by just brushing my hair. So once the hair is all brushed through I’m going to create a deep parting going from left to right and here’s where you can use the rat tail comb. So, I just kind of bring the hair back and then, I normally don’t go deeper than the arch of my eyebrow.

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So that’s what I’m going to do I’m just going to draw the line up like this and then that’s where my parting is going to be and that’s when you want to use some hairspray if you have minors freshly washed. So it’s very like slippery. So I’m going to use some hairspray to just tone it down a little bit.

So once you’ve created your parting I’m going to bring all the hair back and you want to tease the roots a little bit. So we’re going to separate that portion that we’re going to be teasing make sure not to tease your extensions if you are wearing hair extensions. So here’s the section I’m going to be teasing I’m going to do it in a few sections.

So here’s one and I’m going to use some hairspray the roots grabbed my teasing comb and just give it a little bit of a tease at the roots for some bump and volume. So just like this and then once you have it all tees you just want to start to brush out brush out the teasing. So it’s not too dramatic all right at this point we want to bring the hair to the side that you’re going to be putting the ponytail to and for me, I decided to do it to my left or my right side sorry.

So basically what you want to do is just bring all the hair to one side then you want to gather up all the hair into one side grab your elastic band and just make sure that you kind of smooth everything out like this just want to put this hair into a tight ponytail, I would say three times or as many times as you feel you need to and you’re going to use the end of the rat tail comb to kind of fix up this proof right here that we created and you want to just make sure that it’s even on all sides and then for this part right here what we want to do is actually separate this section in the middle and basically bring all this hair through the loop. So what I’m doing is just using my finger and separating this ponytail right here above the elastic band and then we want to do is just bring all the hair through the loop. So you want to just dumb twist the hair a few times.

So it’s easier to bring it through the loop and then you’re just gonna bring it through the loop like that. So that’s it once you bring the hair through the loop this is what you’re gonna have more or less it’s. So simple and.

So easy but looks really nice like it looks very different um and very elegant as well. So this is what it looks like in the back. So, I hope you guys enjoyed this look, I really like it it’s a very nice simple look that could be worn to pretty much any occasion from evening to a date to even a wedding, I would say with it with a nice gown this would be very pretty.

So anyways, I hope you guys enjoyed this look definitely give it a try and let me know how it turns for you in the comments below and hope you’re having a beautiful day and I’ll see you in the next tutorial bye.

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