Simple Twist Pullback DIY Easy Hairstyles

Hey everyone. Before we film the hairdo this morning, we’re just going to quickly update you on YouTube contest. So most of you know that we’ve been nominated with three other blogs for the “On the Rise” May program winner. And we are doing well and we’re still winning, but the lead is getting smaller every day. We have one blog specifically that’s just gaining on us like crazy. And though they’re great and we love the blog owners and I appreciate all of you being nice to them and leaving nice comments, some of their commenters are really trash talking us. Some of the things they’ve been saying we’re just a bunch of dumb girls. Who cares about hairstyles?

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I pimp out my children. And my personal favorite what is the world coming to if Hairstyles beats them? So what I want you to do is go on and vote, vote, vote. That’s how we’re going to show them what it actually means to be a girl and a mom or a teenager and be girl power. And just let’s just get them. I would love to just really be way, way ahead. So the link is up here. You can find it. And you can just click on it. Takes five seconds. Vote really quick. Don’t forget you can use different browsers. You can vote on your laptop, your iPod, your iPhone, your iTouches, or any other cell phone that has a data plat. And you can go to your school computers and vote through the whole lab. You can go to the library. You can use all of their computers. Text your friends Facebook, Twitter anything you can do to get the word out.

Let’s just show them what it means for girl power to rock the world, especially hairstyle girl power. So on to the hairdo. So people are always asking for ones that I can do on myself or you can do on yourself. So this morning, we’re going to do a simple twist pullback. This one’s great super easy but looks fun. So I’ve started by just parting my hair on one side. Doesn’t matter which one you choose. And I’m just going to take a chunk of the front part of my hair. So just run wherever you want it to go. And once you have your little chunk, just divide it into two sections and start twisting. Now, I like to twist it back towards the back of my head instead of forward, but you can twist it forward if you want. So you just start twisting. There’s no hair pick up. This isn’t a French twist just a simple twist. And twist it all the way down to the end. Now, when you get to the end, there’s two ways to pull back. You can just pull it back and lay it flat and add bobby pins right here so that you can see it over the top of the hair. Or I like to do this way pick up a piece of hair towards the back of my head and lay it flat and then bobby pin do the crossover bobbys. And then lay the hair back over the top so it hides those bobby pins, but you can still see the twist. And then you can just use some hairspray to fluff your hair or anything. And I have little baby fly-aways on the front. And there you have it just a really easy way to get your bangs pulled out of your face for the summertime and when it’s hot. Have fun.

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